Crosby is the assistant props designer on BERZERK!. Crosby also created all of the gifs on the site.

Created Gifs[]

Recordfinal.gifExplosion GIF Final.gif

LavenderFinal.gifSermon Notebook Final.gif


What does BERZERK! mean to you?[]

BERZERK! to me means having only mismatched pieces of a puzzle but making it work despite. There is so much conflict, tension, unresolved trauma within each unique character, but as the story goes and they begin to lean into these flaws they are finally able to forgive themselves and each other (and boogie!). A story like this can, for a moment, foster unexpected levels of self acceptance.

What about BERZERK! inspired you and/or your design ideas?[]

I designed the series of comic animations found on our BERZERK! fandom website. The original typography of the script was inspiring as I characterized the animations to the realm of BERZERK!. I wanted to emulate the expected comic book theme but also be true to the characters as they were written and imagined by the creative team.

What did your personal BERZERK! creative design process look like?[]

During the rehearsal process, I had the opportunity to meet with our actors and facilitate a prop design workshop. I asked questions about the items within the world surrounding their characters, what they thought their characters would hold near and dear. I believe this might have helped us assimilate with the physical world of BERZERK! as this step proved to be difficult (for myself at least) with the product being the audio alone.

What do you hope people take away from your BERZERK! designs?[]

I hope viewers will observe how immersive the design and creative team has made the fandom website. I think with the efforts combined, it's super easy to imagine this piece as a real comic book or what could be a stage production. But regardless of what it could've been, the proof of the adaptability of theatre is so present in BERZERK! Quite inspiring :)


  • Crosby is from Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Crosby's nick name in high school theatre was "Crowbar."
    • Reasons for this are still unknown.
  • Crosby is a bird mom.